It's about giving back...

Just as Las Primeras is a group of caring women committed to our community, we are equally as caring and vigilant about the selection of those who benefit from our contributions to their organizations.

Annually, we accept requests from a variety of organizations, large and small, who meet a myriad of needs in our community. The beauty of Las Primeras is that we have no agenda or pre-determined plan for our annual fund donations. We review each individual request at our benevolent disbursements meeting. From that meeting recommendations are made to the entire membership.

Every member has a say in every contribution. In this way, we remain relevant within our community and do our best to help those who need it most.

For your convenience, we have links to all of the organizations who were our beneficiaries for 2015-2016 fundraising year. You can "click" on any link below to learn more about any of these wonderful groups and the good they achieve for our community as a whole.